Bestiolis Rescue Saga

Bestiolis Rescue Saga 1.2

Visit the world of the Bestiolis and save the little creatures from the clumsiness of an apprentice sorceress.

Educational and logic game for kid with cute graphics.

Your kid will learn logic and will need to use logic to resolve the challenges of these 2048 puzzles. Each puzzle resolved will allow your kid to rescue a cute animal or fairy. He/she will travel in several world (cloud world, green world, pink candy) and will be able to change the background of the world with beautiful effect.

Not only he/she will enjoy to play this game but will also learn how to resolve the puzzle to rescue the animals.

He / she will complete books of collection and win free rewards like diamonds, effects for the background, bonus token. He/she can also enjoy the bonus game for free and win items of the collection books.

This version of 2048 is totally adapted for kid or for you. Resolve puzzles of Bestiolis 2048 with several dazzling worlds and a wonderful gameplay! Discover charming worlds and break magical eggs to rescue cute little animals and fairies! Play for hours with the little Bestiolis in cute and fantastic worlds.

Slide the tiles Up, dow, left or right to match and merge them. Finally break the egg.

Features of Bestiolis 2048:

- puzzle game of type 1024 or 2048

- a game for all the family members with 3 difficulty modes: easy, normal and hard

- free rewards each day

- colorful design

- unique and funny animation for each freed Bestiolis

- each egg is unique and colorful and hide a surprise

- several worlds to visit – new worlds are regularly added

- collection book to display unique objects and bonus background

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Bestiolis Rescue Saga


Bestiolis Rescue Saga 1.2